Tokyo flashers

Recently I went to one of the many historical checkpoints
that are dotted over Japan. Back-in-the-day Japan restricted people
from travelling. The idea was that the Government knew where the
families of the soldiers were at all times. Not to keep them safe,
but to kill them in-case the soldier went AWOL. At this particular
checkpoint only girls were kept within the city walls so anyone
leaving had to have their “sensitive areas” checked as proof of
manhood. Well, I think that’s what is happening. And if not, well,
what else could it be? The area (Mikkabi) is also famous for
oranges (mikkan). Now, which came first; the town’s name or the fruit’s
name? We will never know.



~ by Andy on January 31, 2011.

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  1. trust you to find that site.getting worried about you

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